Missing Dog Reappears with Crazy Note Attached ⋆

Missing Dog Reappears with Crazy Note Attached

When our dogs go missing, it can leave us in a state of flux, fear and shock. Finding them is hard – you can hardly just phone them, can you?

However, when they do go missing it can create a period of fear and shock. When Louie the sheepdog went missing though, his family were besides themselves with fear. At 12, he needed all the support he could get and despite always making his way home from previous escapades, it was not to be this time.

When he did return, though, they found a rather odd note attached to him that explained the entire situation!

Thanks to New Zealand-based owner Marolyn Diver, we can find out that Louie has led a rather amazing life. He’d usually be back for tea, but this time he never arrived home until much, much later.

After heading into town for the day, they came home to find him nowhere to be seen. Looking around frantically, they eventually spotted him making his way back home – he looked absolutely shattered, however. Embracing him on his return home, they noticed he had the mentioned note attached to him.

As he fell down to the ground, knackered, they read the little note that just read:

“Louie is the hero of the day. He led me to Maddy in distress stuck under a branch pile. Cheers, Rob.”

A mile down the road, a farmer named Rob stayed and so Marolyn’ parents called to find out what had gone down. Rob told them that his own dog, Maddy, had gone missing and when they went to find Maddy, Louie just so happened to turn up. Motioning to follow, they did so and they found poor Maddy trapped under a big pile of wood that was crushing her.

Working together, Rob and Louie got Maddy out of her tight spot and made sure she was ok – no injuries, but there would have been if much time had gone past. Louie and his smart thinking had helped to make sure that Maddy was OK. So, they decided to attach a little message and let Marolyn’ family know that he was A-OK, and a hero to boot!

The next day, Rob came to see them – along with Maddy – and the tired Louie was immediately perked up and happy to see his friend in fine form. How proud would you be if this was your dog? We’d be absolutely beaming with pride!

Well done Louie!