Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Have Special Plans For International Women’s Day

Regardless of your own take on the British Royal Family, Prince Harry and soon-to-be married Meghan Markle are making a real impression.

While many find the Royals to be an outdated concept and older brother Prince William having struggled to modernize their image, Harry and Meghan appear to be using their major profile at present to help further expand on this and try to make the Royals more ‘hip’.

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As the family tried to paint themselves as a more open-minded group, they attended major functions on special dates around the year.

Following trips up and down the UK, their next major engagement will come on 8 March – International Women’s Day – as they head up to the Second City in Birmingham. They’ll be taking in a lot of the city, including a trip to Stemettes; a location that helps young women get their first steps and interest in the science world of STEM research. Given the utter dominance of STEM research by males, their presence will hopefully boost attendance and interest.

A Changing Face of the Royal Family

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While cynics might see this as just another PR ploy to help change the Royal image, there’s some genuine truth in all of this. For example, Markle herself is a long-term feminist. Ever since her days as an actress on Suits, Markle has been a major proponent of various different engagements. For one, she was a major UN advocate for women taking part in politics and leadership.

In the past, she’s given a keynote speech to the United Nations, where she spoke with candor and class about gender equality and the importance of pushing for more of this in the future.

That’s only going to be a positive for the Royal Family. Indeed, as they try to move away from a more conservative image, the introduction of a modern, hip and friendly feminist in the family can only be a good thing.

Indeed, when she spent time in Cardiff recently, Markle was seen to be speaking with a fan of her work.

She was heard thanking the person after the fan remarked that it was ‘thrilling’ to have a feminist a little closer to one day perhaps taking a seat on the throne. Add in the fact that Harry has a rather long-term interest in feminism, too, and the duo might just be the face of rejuvenation and rebirth.

The idea of monarchy in modern society feels increasingly out of place for many, but a more open-minded, progressive pairing on the helm could help their image.

Also visiting apprenticeship programs backed by the Royal Foundation, too. With their celebrity star at its potential peak, this kind of engagement can only be a good thing for both the happy couple and those who they meet.


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