Meet Ed Sheeran's Cute Baby Doppleganger! ⋆

Meet Ed Sheeran’s Cute Baby Doppleganger!

Ed Sheeran has been on the top trending list these days, not only because his third album has broken a world record. A new doppleganger for the star has been discovered, and she has taken the internet by storm.

Isla Walton, an adorable two year old from Devon has gone viral before she could even understand the meaning of the word “viral”. The ginger toddler strikes such an uncanny resemblance to British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, that some people have suggested she should take the stage herself. Her photo went viral after her aunt, Stacey Walton had posted it on her Facebook page, and made the world decide that she is the singer’s doppleganger.

Not only does little Isla, shares Sheeran’s red messy hair and some facial expressions, her aunt reveals she has recently became a fan of the popular singer and likes watch him on TV and try making little dance moves to his music.
Auntie Stacey says people have started to nickname her “Mini Ed”, and she admits she also likes to call her “Baby Sheeran” now.

Isla’s mother, Zoe said it had not occurred to her how much her daughter looks like the singer, and only after the photo was posted by her sister kept receiving comments from people about how much they look alike she started to see it. “It’s complete madness”, says the young mother who has not gotten used to the fact that her daughter has gone so viral.

Isla’s photo has been shared thousands of times on various channels of social media, and actor Gavin Lee tweeted that the girl “looks more like Ed Sheeran than Ed Sheeran”. This claim has become one of the most popular caption being tweeted regarding Sheeran’s little lookalike.

What do you think? Does Isla look more like Ed Sheeran than Ed Sheeran does?