Marriage-Related Tweets That May Leave You Paranoid ⋆

Marriage-Related Tweets That May Leave You Paranoid

When you first get married, the flux and the chaos of it all can be quite intoxicating. We often find that being married to our partner is a very exciting scenario; the kind of event that can make us feel totally besotted with them. However, sometimes, marriage can feel a little bit different to what we might have expected.

Whilst being married is absolutely awesome, you sometimes find that it’s all a little too familiar. Do any of these tweets remind you of a certain marital debate you’ve had?

There’s a certain wonderful pleasure in getting the bed to yourself. After a few years of having yourself crammed up into one edge of the bed as your partner snores away, you’ll grow used to that unique satisfaction!

Do you ever find yourself swanning in from the store, only to realize you bought a lot of garbage and forgot the meat? Yeah, it’s a common occurrence in marriage!

I’ve been here before a few times. Nothing is quite so scary as my lovely wife standing shrieking at me, razor in hand, about ‘the mess you made in the f*cking bathroom!’ so yeah, I feel your pain, my friend.

I’ve had the cold shoulder all morning many a time, only to find out it’s something that I done in the work of fiction that was her mind. It’s alright, I tend to prefer my breakfast without talking too much.

Ahhh, the dinner date on my birthday. To come home all ready for a fun time, only to see my wife vanish into the bathroom and to come out in her jogging suit. Ooh, cotton hoods – such a turn-on, right?


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