Marine Finds Out About Impending Birth of Child ⋆

Marine Finds Out About Impending Birth of Child

When soldiers are away from home they tend to miss out on a lot of important stuff. Being a soldier is a draining role and one that takes a huge amount of physical and emotional courage to excel at. For Captain Gregory Veteto, he missed out on one of the most important parts of life due to serving his country: the announcement of his child to be. His wife was pregnant, and he never found out for a good period of time.

When he found that she was pregnant three months into deployment, you can imagine how happy he was. A huge surprise for both mother and father to be, she never found out for a good while until after he left. Sharing the good news with him when he was in deployment, the Captain decided to share it with the rest of the squad and give everyone a nice dosage of joy in what can be a very unforgiving and challenging career path.

In fact, they even decided to throw a cool little gender reveal party for the kid, using a football that was filled with either pink or blue powder. When the ball was kicked, it was timed to pop and then show the color inside. As the troops celebrated the great news, they decided to go for it and – as the clip below shows – they went full-pelt on the ball.

It looks like it’s going to be a wonderful baby girl, then, based on the powder! Congratulations Captain, we couldn’t be any happier for you. Now you know that you have something rather special waiting for you when you return home from deployment. It’s a truly special experience; one that could change and define his life forever.

“Kicking it and seeing the pictures and the videos, it was really a joyful moment for me and my family,” Veteto said. “It just really warmed my heart to see a lot of smiles on the Marines’ faces.”

Hopefully, he’ll be back home and helping her raise the little one as soon as possible. Good luck out there, soldier, and we wish you and your family all the health in the world.