Man’s Best Friend? Move Over, Rover!

When we hear of stories about people befriending animals, it’s usually something you can really appreciate. A dog, a cat – or in the case of animal experts, creatures like bears and lions. While you need to know what you are doing to befriend a non-domesticated animal, some people can really go the extra mile to make friends with an animal.

One of the strangest animal friends we’ve seen someone have, though, is a pig. Usually seen as horrible and smelly animals, pigs aren’t usually something that people find too attractive or adorable. That is, of course, unless you are Scott Hodges.

Hodges drives for UPS, and he has a pig as his best friend (best animal friend) that he’s delightfully named Miss Porkchop. The 400lbs pig makes a regular trip to see his van, and over a three-year period, the duo has become bff’s. It’s a heart-warming story and one that shows we can befriend just about anything if we are willing to put in the time and the effort to do so.

As the mailman would stop by and see the owner of the farm, he would leave some treats for the local farm dogs. Miss Porkchop naturally got a little offended by this, and not-so-subtly expected some tribute of her own. So, Hodges decided that it was a good idea to pay her a favor. Bouncing into his truck and tucking into some of his granola bars, she was soon satisfied that her new feeder was a friend.

With over three decades of expertise in the industry, Hodges has been around animals for many years. He’s connected with many animals along the way, though it’s fair to say that his growing friendship with Miss Porkchop might just be the most adorable friend he’s made!

A Fantastic Friendship

Hodges himself seems delighted about the whole thing, saying: “She’s super friendly. I think she just thinks she’s just one of the dogs,

“A lot of the time the dogs will come up into my truck waiting for their treat, but she can only get her front legs up on the steps since they’re too short to climb all the way in.”

While her hopping into the truck might not be the best idea given her, uh, size, it’s still quite adorable. The images that Hodges has shown of him hanging around these adorable farmyard animals is awesome, too, and goes to show how the right attitude to life and life forms can have such a positive effect on someone.

Ever since they befriended one another, he’s been turning up to feed her with everything from apples and carrots to those granola bars that she now loves so much. Indeed, when Miss Porkchop gave birth to a cute little army of piglets, one of the first people she showed them to was Scott!

Over the years, he’s made friends with everything from llamas and goats to dogs, cats, horses and now even pigs. He’s certainly got a talent when it comes to caring for animals, wouldn’t you agree?


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