Man Spots Strange Black Pile In Snow ⋆

Man Spots Strange Black Pile In Snow

A discovery was made by a delivery man named Clyde Compton when he spotted an unusual black pile while he was driving through a snowstorm. Clyde spotted this strange black pile while driving through a huge snowstorm in his milk truck in Canada.

This was a real snowstorm, much heavier than sprinkling that phases us Brits, and because of this, Clyde couldn’t see what the pile actually was until he got closer.

He explained what went on in his head when he saw this mysterious object. He said that at first it looked like pieces of clothing but upon taking a second look, he could see what it actually was.

As the delivery man drew closer, he saw three little black kittens snuggled closely together, in a bid to survive in the freezing cold.

Clyde knew that he needed to save these poor animals. He jumped down from his truck, rushing to their aid. He couldn’t find any paw prints around them, which led him to believe they had been tossed from the road out into the cold.

He could see them when he looked down from his truck, but thought that any other person most likely wouldn’t have. They were laying on the road in about a foot of freshly fallen snow.

Clyde rushed these kittens into the back of his truck, taking a 12 mile drive back home to get these kittens safely to his wife and daughter who were waiting there to help warm them up

This family already owned four rescue pets so they called Deer Lake Kitty Rescue, the local animal rescue group, to help coordinate the veterinary care of the kittens and to transfer them to an animal shelter.

Tanya Wight, who volunteers at Deer Lake told the kittens’ story on Facebook. She told the story of how three 10 week old kittens were found on the side of the road in a pile of snow early in the morning in Cormack.

The kittens were completely covered in snow and huddled as close as possible to each other in order to survive. No tracks were found which suggested that they had been thrown from a vehicle – animal cruelty beyond our imagination.

She thanked Clyde and Babe Nikita for rescuing and warming the kittens up.

Flurry, Shiver, And Stormy

After saving the kittens, they named them “Flurry,” “Shiver,” and “Stormy” to keep alive the story of their rescue. Tanya later updated her Facebook, letting everyone know that the brave kittens were doing quite well after the trauma they experience early in their lives.

She told them how Shiver had gained a whole pound in just a week and how he had also developed a fiery attitude. She updated that Stormy and Flurry are very calm and just enjoy the comfort laying in your lap.

She assures them that the beautiful felines are very special and whoever ends up bringing them home would not be disappointed one bit. The three kittens have been moved to Newfoundland West SPCA. Hopefully, they will soon find a loving owner who will bring them back home.

Clyde says, about the rescue, that if he had not noticed them, they would definitely have died. He adds that once the lovely kittens are in perfect shape, they will be put up for adoption.

Well done, Clyde!