Man Hugs A Bear, World Coos ⋆

Man Hugs A Bear, World Coos

When you have a bad day at work, we come home and just want to sit around feeling exhausted. No wonder: life can be an exhausting experience at the best of times. Usually, we come home and get into our comfies and lie around. Some people may hug some soft toys (no shame in it) and try to find a source of comfort that way.

Others simply come home and sit around with their pets, enjoying hugs and kisses from their dog, cat or whoever.

One man, though, comes home to a bloody grizzly bear. The bear, who has clearly had a hard day himself looks sad and in need of some attention. When his owner spots that he’s also down in the dumps, they offer a bit of joint bonding. The man stoops down to give it a little clap and a hug, and the bear reciprocates in the most wonderful way.

Given their reputation as killing machines that we would struggle to contain, it’s funny to see a bear in this situation. To see it down and in need of care and love, so it wants a touch of extra love and support from the people around it. If bears were quite as bad as people suggest, he would never be able to get anywhere near as close as he does to it.

The video is tremendous. The man sits and plays with the bear, letting it lick his hands just relax for a bit. Whatever was going on that day the bear just need a bit of extra love and care from the man. Fair play to him – it’s still very brave (just look at the size of those claws!) to be around a bear and not feel any sense of fear.

He even gets quite playful with it, hoping to cheer the big thing up and give it a bit of extra love and support. It seems to feel a sense of soothing relief when it sits down, and the pair of them just seem to be allowing that tough day to evaporate into the air.
Could you get this close to a bear? Do you think that doing so would cheer you up?