A Man dresses up as her sister for 20 years to tend to her Mentally Ill Mother

A video of a man who has been dressing as a woman for almost 20 years has gone viral and for all the right reasons as well. What was the reason behind his weird behavior? The man was trying to help his mother, tackle the tragedy of her sister’s death who was suffering from a mental illness. Humanity has provided us with sickening and vile accounts in recent years but this story will restore your faith in humanity.

The traffic that this video has received is enormous. 4.2 million Views have already been recorded on Weibo alone and big news agencies are also circulating this story to the masses. It is getting a lot of attention on other social media websites as well. The man, belonging to Gulin city in Giangxi region is shown taking care of her elderly mother while wearing a cheongsam dress in the video.

Anything For Mother

The man told Pear video that he decided to dress as his sister after he noticed signs of mental illness in her mother. He wanted to do something about it and he came up with this unorthodox solution. He further said that her mother instantly believed that her daughter had in fact come back to life from the dead. She was ecstatic and this encouraged him to carry on with the act. He made a surprising revelation that he doesn’t own a single item of men clothing and has been living as a woman ever since.

In the video, her mother has been shown saying that she is my daughter. “When my other daughter died, she became my daughter. “ The man said that he does not care for what people think and he is doing this solely for her mother and her happiness. He said that he is not afraid of being mocked by people.

People have come up in numbers and responded to the video, applauding the man’s efforts. Many people have said that the story has moved them to their very core. And why wouldn’t it? It is such an amazing story of such a kind man. There were some hilarious remarks by some users as well. Some users even praised the man’s looks saying that he looks pretty as a woman. If everyone is as understanding as this user, we would definitely achieve World peace in no time at all.

Internet Haters

But, we all know that where there is praise, there is criticism as well and some users complained that this is a ploy used by the mother to control her son. Some users were harsher in their comments saying that this was just an excuse used by the man to live his life as a transvestite. Now, that’s just wrong but we all know that the Internet doesn’t spare anyone.

Many people in the past have tried to show filial piety to their parents, but it will be really hard for someone to match this man’s concern for his mother. He has given up his identity to put a smile on her mother’s face. Not many people in the world would be willing to make such a huge sacrifice.