Man Discovers Something Incredible In His Back Yard ⋆

Man Discovers Something Incredible In His Back Yard

The thought of moving homes is usually pretty exciting. Even if it’s a little stressful, a fresh start is always good. Well, for John Sims, his fresh start was a little more than he bargained for, but an incredible journey nonetheless.

John had no idea what was coming for him when he bought his new home in a midtown neighborhood of Tucson, Arizona. Whether you believe it to be a coincidence or a miracle, we’ve got all the details you need to know.

Moving Day

John made his big purchase on his new home with a steady idea of what he was getting himself into. He bought this home from a good friend which put his mind at ease with regards to the condition of the home.

It was only after John had already moved in when his friend told him something that changed the game completely. He told him that there had been rumors of something being buried deep in the back yard.