Making The Most Out of Your Second Pregnancy ⋆

Making The Most Out of Your Second Pregnancy

Even though you are very excited about the arrival of your second baby, there are going to be things that will be quite different.  You will have to learn how to make the most out of being pregnant for a second time while still keeping your life in some form of control with your first child.

First off, you already have a small child making endless demands for your attention.  Quite honestly, you will have many more challenges ahead of you to deal with.

During your first pregnancy, you had plenty of time to prepare for your baby’s arrival but this time around, your plate is already full. So let’s look at what can help you make round-two easier while having a little one in tow!

Get Some Help:

If your parents live nearby, see if they could help out once in a while by taking your little one to the park or get an ice cream cone.  Find out when your partner might have some time to pitch in. While everyone is out and about, this would be a good time to shop for some needed things online such as a stroller or baby clothes.

Don’t feel like you are putting people out if you ask a friend to return a book to pick up some groceries for you.

Look into what programs are available at your child’s preschool.  You might find out you have a babysitting service available at your gym such as a prenatal yoga class.  You can ask family members such as your parents to babysit once in a while.

Maybe one of your friends in the neighborhood has a teenager who would be glad to help out as a babysitter or mother’s helper one or two days a week.

Encourage Your Child To Become Momma’s Little Helper:

When you have an only child, they can easily become quite clingy.  Solo children usually demand a great deal of attention and want to be sure mommy will be there for them all the time.  You can ask your little one to help you out with some simple chores.

In many cases, they will be delighted that you trust them to help you out. You might ask them to put up the clean laundry which even a kindergartner can handle very well.  Have an area for your child to play that is safe and childproof so you can have a little time for yourself to just relax.

Take A Nap From Time To Time:

Studies have shown that a short 30-minute nap can improve your alertness by 50%  When you feel the wind has been taken out of your sails such as during the first, second, and third trimester, taking a nap will help you out enormously.

One of the best times is when your little one is off at preschool.  Getting rid of fatigue early on will give you more energy later on for finishing up the last chores you need to complete for the day.

Cut Back On Running Errands:

Packing up your child into their car seat and dragging along a diaper bag to run a few errands is really a total waste of your time. Many of these errands can be done online such as ordering groceries or using your iPhone to take care of online banking business.

You can sign up for a diaper service, sign up for online drugstores, and so many other things that will make your errands much easier and get done quickly.

Things To Do In The Evening:

Once your little one is in bed, there are some things you can do that are not taxing including preparing his or her lunch for school tomorrow, picking out your outfit for the next day, and just about any other small tasks you can get out of the way.

Make Playtime Easier For You:

You can set up video games that are child-friendly, crayons and books for coloring, puzzles and board games, and don’t forget a little tea party with your child and her collection of stuffed bears!

You can set up playtime on the couch or on the floor to relieve your aching back and sore feet. Another way to alleviate your aching feet play hospital and you are the patient. Lay down on the couch and prop up your feet.

Depending on your child’s age, you can choose a child’s movie and watch some cute films together.