Lost Wallet Returned With Something Extra Inside ⋆

Lost Wallet Returned With Something Extra Inside

During one of his visits to Los Angeles, Hunter Sharmatt lost his wallet that contained a $400 paycheck, $60, his ID card and bank card. He wasn’t happy, but he didn’t allow the sad even to tell on him because it was his sister’s wedding. He decided to borrow money from his parents to spend during the weekend.


Sharmatt confessed he was shocked to realize he had to move without his ID card. Initially, he thought he lost it on his frontier flight between Omaha and Vegas. He called the airline and reported the incidence, but they couldn’t find it. He soon realized that he had lost it forever.

Soon the wedding was over, and he headed back with his parents to the airport to fly back to Omaha. On the 11th of Nov. Omaha was a 3-hour drive from their hometown, Brandon, SD.

His mother was worried about the fact that Sharmatt had lost his ID. And she was skeptical whether he would be allowed to travel home without it. Sharmatt was severely interrogated at the airport, a session that lasted for about one hour, in the end; he was allowed to fly.

On arriving home, he received a package the following day. It was his lost wallet. A note was enclosed with it. Sharmatt opened the note and read “Hunter, found this on a Frontier flight from Omaha to Denver – row 12, seat F wedged between the seat and wall. Thought you might want it back. All the best.”

And an additional message:

“P.S. I rounded your cash up to an even $100, so you could celebrate getting your wallet back. Have Fun!!!” It took Sharmatt some time to process the note. “No way, no way,” Shamatt remembers saying. “That can’t be. No way, just no way.” He counted the money three times, his mother said.

“Everybody was so excited, none of us could believe it,” she said. “It was amazing.”They both wish they could see the kind stranger and sincerely thank him for his kind heart. A picture of the note was posted on Facebook alongside a message seeking help in finding the kind stranger. The post got thousands of comments, likes, and shares.

After a couple of days, they were able to contact the kind stranger identified as Todd Brown of Omaha. Someone who had worked for Brown collected the information and both of them. Sharmatt wrote Brown a heartfelt thank you:

“Sir, I can’t thank you enough. What you’ve done for me is virtually unheard of. Never in my life have I or my family witnessed such generosity. I never expected to see my wallet again, let alone with $40 more. Thank you so much, I’ve got student loans and a truck loan, and it makes all the difference.”

Even though Brown failed to respond to an interview from The Washington Post, Jeannie Sharmatt confirmed that Brown and his wife were deeply touched with the way they were able to make an impact on Sharmatt and his family. “He and his wife told me they cried when I told them everything that happened,” she said.

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