Lost Boy & The Hero Who Came to His Rescue! ⋆

Lost Boy & The Hero Who Came to His Rescue!

Nine-year-old Boden Fuchs was separated from his family during a 5K race, becoming quite scared and lost.  From nowhere, Lance Corporal Myles Kerr approached the boy wanting to help him out. The Marine noticed that the young boy was just walking in the race so he decided he would run the race with Boden.

Many other people might not have even noticed this boy who could have ended up wandering around not knowing where his family was.  The good news, this race was to have a really wonderful ending!

Marines Leave No Man Behind:

As a Marine, Myles knew you never leave anyone behind when in battle, it’s their code.  This race was a charity known as the Jeff Drenth Memorial 5K run in Charlevoix, Michigan. 19-year-old Lance Corporal Myles Kerr had taken a one-week leave from Camp Pendleton in California when he joined the race in his fatigues and boots.

Boden Fuchs was also in the race but was having a very difficult time keeping up.  Myles noticed the boy right away because while everyone else was running, he was just walking along.  The Marine asked the boy if he was all right and the boy asked him if he would run with him.

Somehow running along Lake Michigan, Boden became separated from his team.  Myles decided at that moment to put the competition to the side and stay by Boden to the end of the race.  Myles was incredible, he continued to encourage Boden all the way to the finish line.

Neither Boden nor Myles realized they had not gone unnoticed.  Someone took their picture as the ran side-by-side and posted it on Facebook.  People all across the internet took notice of the photo.

Myles Kerr had only been a Marine for nine months but felt a little strange about the photo. He did say he thought it was really cool that someone had gotten the shot of the Myles and Boden running along.

Boden’s parents were in awe and very grateful for the help Myles gave their son.  In recognition of his helping hand, they presented him with a restaurant gift certificate for $100.  He was praised on Facebook for being such a wonderful role model and hero to the young boy.  Myles never felt he was a hero, he was just someone who saw someone else in need of help so he answered the call!

A Hero To The End!

Myles Kerr was totally speechless with all the attention he received from the photo, even the local media wanted to interview him.  That said, his feet remained on the ground and he was incredibly humble with all the praise he was getting.  He was really overwhelmed being in the spotlight for simply doing what he knew was right.

On top of that, his recruiter saw the picture and posted online as well.  What a golden opportunity for a moment of publicity for the Marines!

A video was posted on Saltox TV’s YouTube page talking about Boden and Myles which received over 17,000 views.  Another YouTube page told the touching story which Buck Burton said was awesome.

Burton said this is the stuff Marines are made of, integrity and honor. Another viewer said acts like that are not sacrifices, that’s what winners do.  It’s wonderful to know there are still people in this world that are incredibly inspirational.  That race with Boden and Myles is a living example of what caring people can do for others.