The Mind Blowing Story Of The Real Human Barbie ⋆

The Mind Blowing Story Of The Real Human Barbie

“I want to be a Barbie!!!” That’s not a weird request. When it comes from a 6-year-old girl. But when it comes from a grown woman… well, you should see for yourself, because this story could only be told with pictures, otherwise, you would never believe it.

There is one woman who took the Barbie doll obsession to a new level. Her name is Valeria Lukyanova and she spent all her adult life perfecting her own Barbie doll look, pushing beauty standards to bizarre heights and earning herself the nickname known throughout the world as “The Human Barbie.”

But let’s start at the very beginning of this tale of Barbie doll bliss.

How it All Began?

Valeria Lukynova came from the small eastern European nation of Moldova. As a child there was nothing particularly out of the ordinary about the cute blonde Valeria. She had an affinity for dolls just like every other child.

However, her doll collection was over-the-top. With countless plastic Barbie’s, each with their own wardrobe. What was unique about Valeria is that she seemed more fascinated with the perfect symmetry of her dolls bodies, and their beauty which was almost too perfect than the game or Barbie dolls itself..

As we know, this fascination did not end with her childhood.

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