LOL: 12 Cats That Look Like Something Else ⋆

LOL: 12 Cats That Look Like Something Else

Cats are stupid. They really aren’t, but I’m a dog lover, myself. Even I, as a dog lover, can’t look away when cats appear on my social feed. But when they look like something else, I tend to share it as if I was a cat person. You should take a look at these, they’re hilarious.

The Hero We Deserve

At day he is just a regular cat, but at night he fights crime in Gotham. At least we are pretty sure this is what he does. We are not saying that he is Batman, we are just saying you never seen this cat and Batman in the same room together, have you?

How To Train Your Cat

Many cats have black fur but combine them with those yellow eyes and you can’t escape the comparison to Toothless from the How To Train Your Dragon movies. When you think about it Toothless loves fish, jumping around and can hurt you for petting the wrong area, are we sure he is not a cat with wings?


There is a whole subgenre of cats that look like Hitler. There is even a whole website dedicated to them. This guy, however, takes the cake, it is not just the facial colors but mainly the look, I don’t want to get on this cats’ bad side.

Can’t Be Unseen

Great, now I will think about a cat genitalia every time I will eat chicken, I think I am going vegan.


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