LOL: Lion King Moments We Didn't Understand as Kids ⋆

LOL: Lion King Moments We Didn’t Understand as Kids

For many adults, growing up watching classic animated movies like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast was commonplace. It made childhood so fun; these amazing characters come to life. Displayed in immense color, song, and immense character. It was a moment to cherish, and for many of us left an obvious mark on our lives.

However, like many different parts of modern history, would you be shocked to find out that The Lion King actually has some rather adult moments within?

Like many classic animations, parts of the show often go over your head. I used to look with wonder at what my parents were giggling away at. Things that went totally through me were the parts they found funniest. The parts of the movie I enjoyed most, they would skew their eyes at with skepticism and disbelief.

It was only recently when I had the joy of introducing my three nieces’ to Mufasa and co. that I was able to find some truly comical moments that slipped past me in my own youth.

Some of the moments that only adults should be able to recognize when watching The Lion King include:

Heroic Continuation.

When watching it back recently, the scene when a young Simba escapes to the desert was one that stuck with me. Not for the fact that he escapes the attention of both hyenas and vultures, but for many other reasons. The one that stuck with me mainly was the fact that, well, the Lion King should be dead.

Given his total lack of ability to fight back in his early years and the fact he’s lying in a scorching desert waiting to be taken, there’s no way that he would have survived. Now I know why my dad tutted all the way through this scene!

Love Games.

It was also pointed out to me by an uncle we watched the movie with recently that Timon and Pumba may be, well, in union, if you will. Given the fact the movie has a large moral theme of opposites attract etc. it’s easy to see why this might appear to be the case. The fact they essentially step up as mother and father for Simba shows their togetherness. Maybe not exactly a canon plot point, but something that 100% slipped by me as a kid.

Comical Appropriation.

Another part of The Lion King that slipped by me as a kid is the fact that nobody speaks in what would be their ‘natural’ voice. Given the fact that everyone in this movie is supposed to be based in Africa, there’s a distinct lack of African voices. We can speculate why, but don’t want to perhaps speculate why. The odd exclusion of African voices in favour of a bunch of Americans and Brits is a bit weird, but not exactly a surprise.

There’s some other stuff that slips through the net for me, too, but what about you? Go watch it back in your adult years. What did you miss when you were too busy waiting for Scar to get his ass kicked?

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