Liam Hemsworth Filed for Divorce, Miley Cyrus is Very Unhappy ⋆

Liam Hemsworth Filed for Divorce, Miley Cyrus is Very Unhappy

While Miley Cyrus was stunned when her husband announced he wanted to end their marriage, many outside the relationship were not surprised.

Australian actor, Hemsworth, said he was sick and tired of being humiliated by Cyrus and even though she was initially shocked, it’s reported she has managed to move on with her life.

Cyrus said that their marriage was special and it’s difficult for her to realize they will never be together again.  She told the press that there were so many things about Liam that she found endearing and wonderful.

29-year-old Hemsworth said he was filing for divorce due to irreconcilable differences over the past eight-months of marriage.  A source said that the couple had actually split up months earlier before Hemsworth’s statement.

Their statement said that they agreed to separate believing it was best for both of them due to constant changes within their relationship.  They also said it was the best choice for the best interests of their careers.

The couple has remained devoted to their animals they have cared for.  Hemsworth did make a statement on Instagram that he and Miley have separated but he wishes her all the happiness in the world and the very best of good health.  Friends have requested that the public respect them during this difficult time and give them the privacy they deserve.

Miley’s Friend Kaitlynn Carter:

Miley has certainly had her fair share of antics including having sex with Kaitlynn in public and writing a song about Hemsworth’s alleged habit for pills and whiskey.

She claims his habits are the reason for their breakup but did not want to harm his career as the star on the Hunger Game.

This year, Miley and Kaitlynn were seen kissing while in Italy.  Both of them announced their split-ups from their partners, Liam Hemsworth and Brody Jenner, within the same week.

After losing their home in Malibu during a wildfire, Miley and Liam decided to get married in December of 2018.  Their marriage seems to be another twist in a more than a decade of on-again-off-again romances.

As they both had a prenuptial agreement, it’s believed that the division of their property will move forward without any issues.

We all wish them both the very best during this trying time and hope they can possibly remain friends.  Sadly, being a celebrity makes it very difficult to keep their private affairs behind closed doors.

While divorce is not a great experience for anyone, well-known or not, all you can hope for they will get through this without any grandstanding and let them both move on with their lives.