Lesbian Couple Go Viral with Prom Photos ⋆

Lesbian Couple Go Viral with Prom Photos

The idea of the prom photo has long been something that becomes part of the rest of our lives. Looking at ourselves on the cusp of adulthood, heading out with all of our friends and loved ones for a big night of celebration, it’s something that raises a smile to the face time and time again. Quality prom photos often become viral sensations in the modern world with the advent of social media making it so easy to share

However, one couple has taken the web by storm with their awesome prom photos. The couple produced a fine collection of some tremendous prom photos from their big day in Florida. Macy Cheyenne Danley and Jazlin Jones decided to throw up their awesome photos on Twitter. As you might imagine once you see the photos, they blew up and everyone was very happy for the awesome couple.

Macy captioned the photo with an awesome little statement, saying: “My better half, my saving grace #prom2018” with a little caption of a wedding ring. With over 130,000 retweets so far, and growing at a rapid pace, these photos are a perfect example of just how easily we can make others feel good.

The photos show a couple who are surely, truly in love with one another and who have no reason or need to hide who they are. Fantastic! It’s one of the most heart-warming images that I’ve seen in a while. It’s so nice to see people who aren’t going to allow anything to get in the way of sharing their love and happiness together on the internet.

Take a look yourself, and be sure to share them with any upcoming prom goers in your life; let them see just what a ‘true’ prom photo looks like!

While many people would be put off doing so due to the activity of online trolls, the two girls stick two fingers up to such venomous thinking. The content is outstanding and gives you the perfect example of how happy we can be on our big days.

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