Lego Bar Comes to New York City ⋆

Lego Bar Comes to New York City

For fans of LEGO, the popular brick-building game meant for kids but also aimed at adults, there’s something satisfying about seeing it all up-close and personal. Spending time comparing your own creations with what others have made is a truly enjoyable way for LEGO lovers to spend their time.

Did you know that from June 19th until June 23rd, there is going to be  LEGO-themed pop-up bar coming to New York City?

Tremendously named Brick Bar, this tremendous little pop-up bar is going to contain as much as one million bricks. It has already been to other major international cities, such as Los Angeles, London, and Sydney.

This is going to be an “adult playground” and will probably not be quite suited to kids who wish to come along. With bricks to play around in and plenty of opportunities to essentially feel like a LEGO character, you should have great fun when you are here.

There’ll be lots of non-LEGO themed stuff, too, as well as LEGO-made ball pits, table tennis, and just about anything else that you can think of. It’ll also have a DJ playing tunes so you can enjoy a day of messing around and feeling like a kid all over again.

Come on down to the Brick Bar

As the evening wears on, you’ll get to sit on LEGO sofas and enjoy a relaxing evening, or you can get snap-happy and grab all the shots that you want. It’s going to make sure you can enjoy up to 1h 30mins of time in the bar before you need to move on, making space for more people to come along and to have some fun.

You’ll also get to enjoy LEGO-themed foods. We are, though, reliably informed that they are not made from LEGO itself. These will be square-shaped, mostly, though, so we’re sure that you will appreciate the unicity and the invention of it all.

For those who read the word ‘bar’ and got very excited. Yes, there will be a bar for you to enjoy numerous LEGO-themed cocktails and the like. If you want to bring your kids along to this, you can do so but it is recommended that you do so before anyone starts getting too bricked-up on the various cocktails on offer here.

It’s a unique experience and one we’re sure that all LEGO lovers are going to enjoy. Just be sure to enjoy the event, and make sure that you get ahead of the game and book up with the NYC Brick Bar experience. You can buy tickets to get in, and if you don’t then you are going to run the risk of missing out on the blockiest fun that you are ever likely to have!