Are you From California? Marijuana, Get The Whole Story

Marijuana, a psychoactive drug which is used for medical purposes as well as recreational purposes has become legalized from first of January, 2018.

This mainly happened after the passage of Proposition 64 back in November 2016 when the cultivation and sale of recreational marijuana were legalized. California is currently the biggest state to legalize the use of marijuana so far. Even though the proposition passed by 57 percent there are still some areas where it is not completely allowed. The government is said to be against this for some reasons and haven’t agreed with the results of legalizing marijuana for recreational reasons.

Los Angles is one of the main examples of snags and hurdles in the new law. The legal sales were delayed until third of January because of accepting the applications, which ultimately caused a delay in the recreational shops opening.

Legalization of weed and marijuana also caused the rates of the drugs to double due to the state tax imposed by the government.

California is the sixth state to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Steve Kerr, the head coach of Golden State Warrior also supports the legalization of marijuana in California. The main purpose of introducing marijuana legally was that every adult has a right to do whatever they want in life, therefore, having marijuana whenever they want isn’t that big a deal.

The medicinal marijuana was introduced quite some time ago. It has been 20 years since marijuana has become legal for medical purposes. But today the same drug is legalized for recreational use as well. It may cause (or not) serious effects in the future but no one exactly knows the consequences yet.

Even after the legalization, it took a long time to finally introduce marijuana in the pot shops. It was made official later that day, on first of January 2018, which was expected to be a safe bet.

Even though the cultivation and sale of marijuana are now legal, but still it isn’t permitted in areas where there are children to prevent a bad exposure. Smoking is strictly banned near schools and daycares or within 1000 feet of any of these places. Marijuana is also banned in every public area where there are children, women, and socially interactive societies.

After the legalization of weed and marijuana in California, it was clearly mentioned and stated that it isn’t permitted to drive and smoke or take drugs at the same time. If any driver is caught using marijuana while driving he or she will be directed to the California Highway Patrol. Moreover, the drug cannot be taken across the border and is highly restricted during flights. In such cases, the user will be punished and charged guilty for breaking the laws.

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