Late Grandmother Honoured In Most Amazing Way ⋆

Late Grandmother Honoured In Most Amazing Way

When a family member passes on, one of the most challenging parts of the process can come with moving on with our day-to-day activity. When William Swenson was unfortunate enough to lose his mother to cancer, he decided that he wanted to capitalize on the time in the world he did have and go on a wonderful year-long trip away from it all.

In an interview with Lonely Planet, Swenson was very open about why he decided to do this.

“It thoroughly underscored that we are not promised tomorrow and life can change very quickly,” he said, talking to Lonely Planet. “My desire to not be trapped by our current lifestyle and my cubicle work life became unquenchable during that time. I wanted to do all the things we wanted to do, while I could still do them. I wanted to travel, be with my family, and honour her legacy in a way that I couldn’t if I stayed where I was.”

Alongside wife Jessica and kids Ezra, Vesper and Theo, they set off on a trip that took in some amazing parts of the world. Various parts of Asia, North Africa, Oceania, South Africa and Europe were all taken in as a family. They also visited Thailand, where they took part in the amazing Yi Peng Festival.

This festival sees people arrive together and let off sky lanterns together, a symbolic gesture that holds huge emotional sway with many people.

Working part-time as they went, the couple found the time to honour the life and loss of his mother in a way that would allow them to have a trip that changed their lives. With careful financial planning and co-ordination, they were able to enjoy a truly special and gratifying experience like never before.

Have you ever considered doing the same thing? Where would you go, if you were to undertake such an ambitious and enterprising experience in life?