Kristen Bell Goes All Mommy On Us, And It's Wonderful ⋆

Kristen Bell Goes All Mommy On Us, And It’s Wonderful

Kristen Bell has had quite a busy career as an A-list actress. It is commendable that she has been able to combine her role as a mother and an actress to support her daughter through pre-school. During the recent graduation ceremony, it obviously became apparent to her the level of achievement being witnesses and the long road ahead as a mother and career woman.

Kristen Bell shared tears of joy online while celebrating her daughter’s pre-school graduation.


We know how busy Kristen has been in the past. The part she played in the entire Disney’s Frozen- the movie- project shows her commitment and proficiencies. Kristen was involved in every part of the Frozen movie production including the featured special presentations and the sequels we expect in the coming years. Kristen is also booked to star in the two amazing movies ‘Bad Moms” and ‘A Bad Mom’s Christmas.’

As a parent, Kristen has revealed she experiences both the joy and frustrations of being a parent and wife just like every other person. She is married to Dax Shepard, and they have two adorable daughters named Lincoln and Delta. As parents, they had to learn the role of parenthood through instinct and trials which sometimes didn’t turn out as expected. Overall, Kristen says it has been an exciting journey with so much to learn. She also confirms it is quite different from the movies because the tantrums and demands are real and must be addressed.


Kristen has been documenting her journey as a mother. She helps other mothers and expectant mothers by sharing her thoughts and discoveries online. Kristen does this through her personalized online web series titles ‘Momsplaining with Kristen Bell.’

It is not all jokes and laughs as Kristen shares useful tips and hints to her growing online community who subscribe to her series. Asides her busy acting career, Kristen ensures that she spends enough time with the girls. Moreover, it was such a great time celebrating Lincoln’s academic achievement.


Now Lincoln is starting kindergarten. The experience will be different, and Kristen has been using all her ‘skills’ as a mother to ensure Lincoln experiences the best academic transition to a higher class. The new learning experience will be different and more interactive. Lincoln will get the chance to have play dates during the summer and interact more with the environment.


At the graduation ceremony organized by Lincolns pre-school, the little girl was all smiles as she played and danced with friends. But it was quite overwhelming for Kristen who couldn’t hold back her tears.

It was a beautiful day, a special event that reminded our star actress of her responsibilities and the journey ahead as a parent.

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