Kind Mystery Man Helps Girl Scouts Get Out of The Cold ⋆

Kind Mystery Man Helps Girl Scouts Get Out of The Cold

Buys Entire Stock of Cookies For $540

It was a cold day in Greenville, South Carolina, and Emerson and Maya, two determined Girl Scouts, had posted themselves outside of a local store to sell their famous girl scout cookies. Shivering in the cold, they were selling boxes by ones and twos when a generous man walked up and asked to by every last box, a $540 purchase!

A Big Sale

It wasn’t the coldest of days in Greenville, but apparently, this man thought it was too cold for two girls and a mother, Kayla Dillard, to be standing outside selling cookies. He made this obscene cookie purchase just to get them out of the cold!

After a typical day selling cookies, the girls were blown away at this purchase. Think of the excitement of two, young girl scouts, raising money little by little to then sell every one of their boxes, raising, most likely, over $600 in one day! That’s a lot for a couple of young girls.

Who is the Mystery Man?

So, who was this unassuming, unnamed man? He seemed kind and generous, so the two girls snapped a picture with him in their excitement. Mrs. Dillard posted the picture of the mystery man and the two Scouts on her Facebook, telling her followers about the exciting and unexpected interaction.

But it turns out there was more to this man than met the eye, and he didn’t stay nameless and harmless for long. Just days after this generous act, he was again in the news but for drastically different reasons.

A Strange Turn of Events

Apparently, Detric McGowan, as was his name, had already been under investigation for drug dealing. He and eleven others were arrested days after the Girl Scout incident in a federal drug bust, but authorities are sure that his Good Samaritan act with the two Scouts was completely unrelated to his crimes and arrest.

After this sad and unexpected discovery, Mrs. Dillard promptly removed her Facebook post. Fortunately, Mrs. Dillard, Emerson, and Maya, were never placed in any danger. Nothing could have prevented their situation, and according to Karen Kelly, the Vice President of Marketing for the Girl Scouts of South Carolina says,

“We have no reason to believe that this man was anything other than one of our valued customers.” Despite Detric’s criminal actions, the two girls were justly rewarded for their perseverance and hard work.