Kim Kardashian Dishes On Baby Number Four ⋆

Kim Kardashian Dishes On Baby Number Four

This past January, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West revealed that they are expecting their fourth child in May.  The baby will be born via gestational carrier, although a different one than their daughter Chicago’s surrogate.  In an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Kim dishes on all aspects of expecting the couple’s fourth child.

Kim Kardashian admits that at first, she found it stressful to be expecting #4.  She revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she felt better after hearing that the parents of four children are “the most enlightened and calm of all parents.”  Jimmy responded to this revelation with a shocked, “Really? Oh, my gosh.”


Jimmy went on to explain to Kim that he felt tired and stressed almost all of the time as the father of only two children. Kim admits that going from her first child to her second felt more like adding nineteen more children to the household, rather than just one.

Adding number three, however, was much easier for the couple although she said that the children-to-parent ratio is a bit unequal, with her always having two of the kids to Kanye’s one.  Kim confesses that the fourth child will balance things out between them.

Kim describes her best mom moment as realizing that North, her five-year-old daughter, is getting along with Saint, her three-year-old brother, at last.

Kim shares one fun detail about North, explaining that like Kanye, the little girl can fall asleep nearly anywhere, anytime.  As proof, she posted this adorable picture on twitter; North is fast asleep on Kanye’s shoulders, her head resting on his, where she napped for almost half an hour.

Kim shares that Kanye falls asleep frequently, no matter where they are, sharing a story about a meeting in France.  “He left me in a restaurant once in a meeting for him in France — I didn’t even understand, they were not even speaking English — he falls asleep at the table. The worst. So she definitely is him.”