This Kid Made His Teacher Cry

All kids are emotional. We know that. However, some show their emotions and some of them do not. Twitter is famous for highlighting kids such as Barron Trump and the Beckham brothers. But recently, Twitter blew up by innocence and love of a young boy called Callum who wrote a letter to his teacher after her dog died.  

The Teacher’s daughter Lucie Dunne from Glasgow, Scotland shared photos of the letter the young boy wrote to his teacher after her dog died. She captioned the tweet saying “Mum’s been so upset about the dog being put to sleep and stressing about having to go back into school today, and she got this from a wee boy in her class.”

This was such a heartwarming gesture by a little boy. He wrote on the cover of the letter “To Mrs. Dunne” and his innocence can be seen from the following words he wrote which showed Mrs. Dunne that someone cares: “Sorry if you don’t like it or it makes you emotional.” Callum doesn’t want his teacher to feel sad by reading the letter yet he wrote her to show his condolence.


The letter had a poem inside it:

“To Mrs. Dunne

I am sorry about your dog. I want to say that your dog was

Cheeky, I bet your dog was cheeky.

Happy, I bet your dog was always happy.

Adorable, I bet your dog was super adorable.

Relative, I bet your dog was really related to you.

Lucky, I bet your dog was really lucky to have you.

Incredible, I bet your dog was super incredible.

Energetic, I bet your dog was always full of energy.

But most of all I know your dog was special and your dog is in a better place and is looking over you.

The last line of the letter captured everyone’s heart as it was very touchy. The tweet was shared over twenty thousand times and also made itself into a Twitter moment.

The world was so happy to such a caring boy and they reacted to the tweet praising this kind act of the boy.

The world needs more children and people like Callum who have sympathies and soft heart for those around them. Parents of Callum are to be praised here as well for raising such a lovely and sympathetic child who cares for other people. We cherish you, Callum!


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