Kids Beat Cancer Together, Grow Up And Get Married ⋆

Kids Beat Cancer Together, Grow Up And Get Married

Every day with each other is a gift. These were the words of Joel Alsup who got married to his childhood sweetheart Lindsey Wilkerson. The two lovebirds met as children at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital many years ago. They became friends, forming a bond that could not be severed over the years to come. As little children, these two admirable people had undergone the not so pleasant experiences associated with cancer treatment.

Joel had been diagnosed with osteosarcoma when he was only seven years old. On the other hand, Lindsey was diagnosed with leukemia. Together, they fought cancer, underwent treatment and survived. Joel’s arm had to be amputated during the course of treatment.

After release from the children’s hospital, the now close friends went their separate ways. Many years later, their paths crossed again, and it became obvious they were meant to be together. Theirs is a story of hope, joy, patience, and love. In the end, regardless of all the challenges, Joel and Lindsey can finally experience what it means to be in love as adults.

On the first day of September 2018, Joel and Lindsey were married. The wedding was held at the St. Jude Campus. This venue was only a short distance from where they first met while battling for their lives as children.

Joel and Lindsey currently work for the charity organization the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities (ALSAC). It is one of the fundraising and awareness organizations run by St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Joel confessed he did take a long time as ‘pop the question.’ However, the two lovebirds confirm they had always had a strong connection as children and even when they went separate ways for a few years. Meeting each other again could only be described as a fate that has made them very happy.

Joel gives some insight into their lives and how they plan to live together as a couple. Joel and Lindsey plan to remain committed to charity work. This is an engagement that can give them an opportunity to help others. They also plan to live healthy and active lives, going on vacations, family trips and enjoying each new day. The comments about this story have been an outpouring. Many people are touched by these two and their history together. It also gives hope to parents whose little children are currently undergoing treatment for cancer-related ailments.

The road ahead may be tough, but there is a chance that there will be a happy ending. So never give up, always connect with the positive aspect of any situation and keep your heads up at all times.

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