Key Dating App Hacks for A Happily Ever After Ending

Since the turn of the century, the rise of the internet has helped us to become more open and sociable with the rest of the world. The rise of dating websites and now dating apps means that many people spend a hell of a lot of time dealing with the online world of dating.

Looking for their Romeo or Juliet through apps like Tinder, Grindr, Match and so many more, people use these dating apps all the time to try and find a love for the night, or the love of their life.

Whether you want someone to stay the night or spend their life, though, you can use dating apps in various ways. The problem is that regardless of your intent most people can find dating apps to be a tedious, trying experience. If you want to start getting more from the use of your dating apps, then you should absolutely look to try out the following ‘hacks’ to make sure you are much more likely to find the pleasure you seek.

Solo Shots are for Saddos. NEVER post that shot of you sitting in the darkened room with the only light coming from your little desk lamp. It makes you look sad, lonely, bereft of any kind of redeeming style and appears to show your social life is empty. Get a photo of you and some mates that puts you front and center, and use that as your photo instead; a photo that shows you have friends and people aren’t buried in the garden is a fine starting point.

Use Your Patter. One of the best ways to get your new social dating off to a positive start is to show off your funny side. ‘hey, how r u’ or ‘asl’ is a bit AOL Messenger, so why don’t you go for a bit of humor like the photo above? It might just give you that edge to cut through the tripe and make him/her laugh instead. Laughter wins far more than the ‘HEY I’M A NICE GUY LOL’ approach.

Create Authenticity. Most good dating apps allow for you to add links to your social media profiles. We recommend that you do so yourself; it helps people to find out a bit more about you and to see that you are who you say you are. Trust us, that can go a long way to convincing someone to take things a bit further with you on a dating app.

Break the System. Finding it hard to get picked up? Mess up the algorithm then. With Tinder especially if you just start swiping left all the time you will eventually make sure that you fly up those Tinder algorithmic rankings. The more people you turn down, the more ‘game’ it will give you and thus the higher up in the rankings you will go – awesome, right?

Using all of the above, you should be able to make yourself a bit more accessible, seem less unreasonable and more likely to find love – or lust.

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