Celebs and Their Yoga Positions

Most celebs are always in the spotlight, and as such are known for their rigorous exercise routines to help them keep fit and camera-ready, but while adrenaline activities may be important, many celebs know that the busy schedule and pressure can take its toll

Which is why yoga is one of the most popular practices of celebs across the board! Not only does it let them flaunt their bodies in sexy yoga pants, but it Allows them to practice mind-body wellness and helps maintain their health and happiness from inside out!

Alesandra Ambrosio

Alesandra Ambrosio/ Instagram

It isn’t hard to believe that Alesandra Ambrosio, the gorgeous Victoria Secret angel, is also a yogi guru. Yoga is known to help maintain posture and uprightness which are two key ingredients to being as successful a model as she is!

Victoria Secret Yoga Prep

Alesandra Ambrosio/ Instagram

Ambrosio has also been vocal about how yoga is one of the key tricks for her and her fellow angel’s preparations to walk the runway of the annual Victoria Secret fashion show!

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