Keanu Reeves And His Secret Donations to Children’s Hospitals ⋆

Keanu Reeves And His Secret Donations to Children’s Hospitals

Apparently, Keanu Reeves has been a hero on and off the cameras. Keanu Reeves is known for his spectacular roles in movies such as ‘The Matrix,’ ‘John Wick,’ among others, he has a massive fan base that looks forward to his movie releases. We were pleasantly surprised to discover Keanu Reeves is also potentially the reason many children are alive today.

Keanu Reeves has been running a private foundation for charity. This organization has been primarily funding cancer research and supporting children’s hospitals. Until recently, news of this foundation had been kept away from the public.

In a statement during an interview with the Ladies Home Journal, Keanu Reeves confirms that he is the owner of a private foundation that provides financial support to children’s hospitals. They have also provided funding for different cancer research. Keanu also made it known that his foundation is about six years old.

Affirming that the foundation was set up strictly for charity purposes, Keanu Reeves indicates that he purposely made sure his name was not attributed to the affairs of the charity organization. We, however, know that Kim, Keanu Reeve’s sister was diagnosed with leukemia some years ago, she survived it, and this experience may have drawn Keanu Reeve’s attention to the fact that there is a need for cancer research facilities to be adequately funded.

In the past, many A-list stars have used their fame to help raise money for cancer research. Keanu has always been actively involved in such programs. He is known to actively participate in telethons organized to solicit funds from members of the public in support of cancer research. There are many people willing to donate; it helps to know that popular stars are interested in such campaigns. This makes the public confident in giving for the cause.

The facilities set up to find a cure for cancer needs much money to fund their research programs. The government helps, but the alarming rate of cancer cases makes it necessary to increase the scope of research programs. This means public support will also be needed if we need to beat cancer. Fortunately, people like Keanu Reeves have supported these campaigns, saving many lives.

Apart from his interest in funding cancer research programs, Keanu Reeves has also supported charity organizations that help people who suffer spinal cord injuries. For example, he has been linked to establishments like the Spinal Cord Opportunities Rehabilitation Endowment charity (SCORE) which helps injured hockey players. This is connected to Keanu Reeve’s passion for hockey, if he didn’t turn out to be an actor, Keanu would have followed his dream to play professional hockey.

Guess what, there is going to be a Toy Story 4 movie, and Keanu Reeves will be the voice of ‘Buzz Lightyear” the intergalactic space commander. After reading about his support for sick children, it is so heart-warming to know Keanu will be part of such a huge project that has made children all over the world so happy. Who doesn’t love the Toy Story? We know Keanu Reeves is going to perform brilliantly in this role.