John Krasinski Is THE Role Model. According To Emily Blunt ⋆

John Krasinski Is THE Role Model. According To Emily Blunt

One of the toughest moments many people deal with is being away from their families for many months. This is what actors and actresses go through when they work on different projects. In the case of shooting films, the main characters may need to travel to different countries to shoot scenes.

Working odd hours and barely having time to speak with their family. This is the reason many homes break up, but John Krasinski is determined to make his home successful regardless of his thriving career as an actor.

Krasinski confirms that the main hurdle he needs to overcome most times is preventing his work from determining his lifestyle. He is married to Emily Blunt, and as A-list celebrities, they have many responsibilities. While juggling the tough work schedules and it is quite tough to prevent their family from being torn apart.

Krasinski never fails to inform his fans that work or distance never keeps him away from his family. According to him, making a conscious effort to communicate and reach out to his family has been one of the main reasons he has successfully maintained a good work/life balance.

John Krasinski has stuck with a plan that ensures he spends his weekends with his family. While working on major projects that require him to travel outside the country or within, Krasinski makes it a point to return home on weekends. It is a lot of work, but his commitment makes the plan work even when he is over six thousand miles away.

One of such occasions was when Krasinski was shooting the scenes for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan in Los Angeles. It was a big project that required long hours day and night. But he always found a way to return to his family on weekends.

It is a tough job, even harder for an actor. This is mostly because scenes can be shot at any time of the day or night. Krasinski also attributes his ability to meet up with his family commitments to his wife’s cooperation. When Blunt is working, the children travel with her, so when he is free Krasinski meets the family at their home or a movie location. While shooting the film Jack Ryan, there were times when Krasinski had to be on the plane immediately after shooting scenes. He made these trips even when the break was not up to 48-hours.

And Krasinski seems to be doing it so effortlessly, or so it seems. The ease at which he remains dedicated to his family may be due to the long-term practice. He is used to traveling at short notice. Krasinski has remained the favourite for many top roles in films because he is a brilliant actor.

Kransinski enjoys his life as an actor. He is grateful to the directors who have given him wonderful roles. While noting the time he spends away from his family as the only slight disadvantage, Krasinski is happy to be an actor.

Asides acting, John Krasinski, is an also a screenwriter, producer and a trained director. He has had multiple nominations at the Emmy’s and the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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