Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Natural Hair ⋆

Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Natural Hair

On the subject of hair, Jennifer Aniston is considered the hair icon.


The proof lies in the fact that during the 90s, every woman was getting her hair cut and styled just like hers. Since those days, she has moved on from the look, back when, but her hairstyle has stayed pretty much the same, it’s blow-dried and very sleek. It’s very rare to see her with anything but straight hair though an occasional curl will pop up here and there.

Since the premiere of her Apple+ show “The Morning Show,” she has changed her hair which now shows natural waves.

Her longtime hairstylist, Chris McMillan, shared an Instagram photo of her on the carpet, pointing out how surprising it was to see her wearing her hair as it naturally dries. Her natural hair has curls and waves.

Different Strokes

The texture of her hair is completely natural and totally untouched. He said her hair is slightly air-dried and then he uses a Dyson Supersonic dryer to minimally touch it up by blow-drying the roots in just one direction. Then he takes random sections using a GHD Wave Iron to finish it up using a detangling spray and a leave-in conditioner.

Instagram /mrchrismcmillan

Aniston did reveal that she loves her hair when it’s straight but when she was a kid, her hair was very long and straight. Then when her mom gave her permission to do as she wished with her hair, she mistakenly cut it all off. It’s when she cut her hair that she discovered she had curls!