Jason Momoa Melting Hearts With His Gran ⋆

Jason Momoa Melting Hearts With His Gran

Time and again, I think of what life would be if I were a bigtime celebrity with massive success, and millions of pounds to my name. What will I do differently? Would the fame get in my head? I hope not. What about my friends and family, those that were there since the jump, would they still matter to me?

Jason Momoa is one celebrity that stayed true to his roots regardless of how famous he got, he displayed his love for family in the mini photoshoot which he did with his grandma not long ago. Recently, the movie star posted some beautiful photos on Instagram with his grandma, as both held each other closely and flashed a bright smile.

Momoa Told His Followers:

Needed to come home to Iowa and give my grams some aloha Love u forever grandma #Mabel #thematriarch #raisedbywomen #loveuma #hawaiianiowan. HAWAII backward is IIAWAH. IOWA ?Aloha j

If we’re being honest, it doesn’t get better than this! These pictures are amazing. Both look genuinely happy and comfortable, this is very heartwarming. Without a doubt, Momoa has a lot of respect for his grandma, often referring to her as “the matriarch,” and coupled with the fact that he grew up with his mother, it is clear that his grandma has a special place in his heart.

As a result, the post attracted a lot of people and gained up to 1.5 million likes as at when we posted this (January 14). People expressed their emotions through comments and gave the actor props for loving keeping his family first and loving them so much.

In one of the comments, someone said that the actor didn’t have to do anything else to be loved. But this singular act was very heartwarming and deserving of more respect.

In another comment, someone described Mamoa as a great role model. The comment read:

“thank you for being such a wonderful role model of our young youth today it’s heartwarming to see how loving and real you truly are. God bless you in all you do! We just adore you!!!!”

The next one read: “Love this so much. Grandparents are our Best teachers….with a love, unlike our Parents. Mahalo…thank you…”

$1 Billion Worldwide

The 39-year-old movie star uploads these kinds of heartwarming pictures occasionally, even if everyone brings a new wave of love. And for the fans, this is amazing. He took out time to thank his fans for the huge success of Aquaman, where he played a major role.

The movie gained a lot of attention within a short period. According to Forbes, the movie made above $1 billion worldwide, and as a result, it has emerged as DC’s all-time highest grossing film, after surpassing The Dark Knight Rises.

This is no mean feat, and considering the short time which the movie took to achieve this, it would definitely be a while before we see something like that again.

Momoa took to Instagram to express his heartfelt gratitude to his fans for making Aquaman a huge success. He posted an Instagram video, in which he said thank you to his fans, friends and every other person that contributed to the success of Aquaman.

He went on to say how proud he was of the movie, and then encouraged his fans to see it more than once; because according to him, “it’s better the second time.” The caption of the video goes: “Mahalo everyone for making #Aquaman the number one movie in the world. I love you guys. I’m so proud of this movie and everyone that worked on it CHEEEEEHUUUUUUUU”

These days, we seem to have been consumed with the activities of social media. And in times where we tend to place lesser value on real relationships, it’s very heartwarming to see such a big name like Momoa place family and friends before everything else.

Keep up the great work, Jason!