Jamie Heavens Won The Lottery At 22, But Here's What Happened Next ⋆

Jamie Heavens Won The Lottery At 22, But Here’s What Happened Next

He said he got into his truck to just sit back and scratch his lottery scratchcard. Much to his surprise, he just won a million pounds! Jamie is a roofer from Bournemouth and just happened to get lucky when he scratched the National Lottery scratchcard at 22!

Jamie Heavens

He added that if any of you or your friends would not want to be in his shoes, you are lying! The biggest issue is deciding what to spend the money on as well as friends he might want to give some to and those he’d have to disappoint.

It’s also hearing all the terrible stories from people who said getting rich did not make them happy but ruined their lives. So, we wanted to know what it is really like to win the lottery and whether it’s really worth it.

We reached out to Jamie on his 25th anniversary of winning the National Lottery.

He said he was on his way to work when his uncle asked him to fill up the truck with fuel. He has not forgotten the details of that amazing day.

Just Luck

The first petrol station would not accept fuel cards so he moved on to the next one. He got in line when he realized he picked up the wrong flavor Lucozade so he went back to pick up a different one. Then, the guy in front of him bought the same scratchcard as he did.

The National Lottery

A few minutes later, he had that guy in front of him to thank because he was holding the winning card in his hand.

At first, he didn’t believe it! He scratched off the numbers and said I just won a million quid! He said he believes the only other time he felt more wowed was when his son was born.

He had a decision to make, he couldn’t call the National Lottery because the phone lines do not open until after nine so he figured he would go to work. When he got to work, he tried to call but couldn’t get a signal.

He finally climbed to the top of the roof than got a signal. He phoned the helpline and received the confirmation that he was a millionaire.

It didn’t really sink in until the money actually hit his account. He said there is a sense of relief when you realize you can go and do whatever you want to do.

But, after spending on some extravagances, such as a car and a wedding, he realized he had actually been very sensible with his money.

He said that some people think that when you are cash-rich you can just buy anything every day, but it’s really not like that.

He is living a comfortable life right now. He is running his own business, has his family, pays himself a normal wage but said it’s not about wanting to own a £70,000 car. He’s not about to do that.

He believes he is still pretty money-conscious and lives a normal day-to-day lifestyle and his wife goes to work 2 days out of the week.

They have bought a few properties and do not have a mortgage on any of them. He believes that money can make you comfortable but should not change your life. He did help out some of his family and friends.

He now admits that things might have been different if he won more cash but he feels very lucky and doesn’t believe his relationships with his friends have changed. He still buys rounds when they are in the pub. He believes that people still respect the fact that even though he has come into money, his friends still care about him.

On top of that, he still plays the lottery! If someone is standing in front of him, he’s right on it.

His wife keeps saying he should stop spending money on the lottery because she doesn’t believe he will win again. He said if he had been told that before, well look at me now!