Jackson Kids - The Unspoken Victims ⋆

Jackson Kids – The Unspoken Victims

It’s safe to say that the majority of the world are familiar with (or heard of) the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Micheal spent his life in the public eye, from the day Jackson 5 kick started his music career, at age 13. During the chaos of his career, he also became a father to three children; Michael Joseph, Paris and Prince Michael.

There is no denying that the late artist went through his fair share of adversities before he passed away. However, with the focus mainly being on Michael, it was easy to forget that his three children were attempting to lead normal lives in the process and were going through their own difficulties…

So who are these Jackson children? How did they cope with their bizarre situation? where are they now? Each child has their own story filled with events and experiences that might shock you. 

King of Pop and a soon to be a father

During the 1990’s, Michael was dating his then girlfriend, Debbie Rowe. The two were not in love but were great friends. Michael expressed that he was not in love with Debbie but liked her as a person. The two were dating when Michael was still with his former wife, Lisa Marie Presley and it wasn’t long before she fell pregnant.

Michael and Debbie decided to divorce his prior wife and to marry Debbie when she was already six months pregnant. In the year 1997, on the 13th of February in Los Angeles, California, Debbie went into labor.