Is Snacking Really So Bad? Sadly, It Is ⋆

Is Snacking Really So Bad? Sadly, It Is

For many of us, our ‘big three’ meals are not enough. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will not leave you feeling satisfied from a food point of view. When that happens, it’s easy to want to turn to more bite-sized solutions, hence why we love to snack. Three meals per day is actually quite a new tradition for humans – in the past, we used to work until we were hungry.

The Industrial Revolution brought about working hours and times, and by the 18th Century the three meals a day solution was commonplace.

However, many of us find that our busy lifestyles mean we often forego a big meal in favor of snacking instead. We eat more than ever these days, and most of us like to just snack all day instead of stopping for a refined meal. Sure, you never feel hungry these days – but is that really a good thing?

Not really. On average, someone can spend up to 16 of their 24 hours of the day feeling well-fed. When we are fed, our body manages to work far less productively – we cause our bodies to enter a state of immune system operation known as a transient inflammatory response.

The body often inflames as a response to an injury, but our body will treat being fed this stuff, as stress on the body. For that reason, people who are snacking all day will end up in a state of near-perpetual inflammation.

What can be done to stop this?

Basically, you need to put an end to your adherence to snacking culture. Sure, it feels good to not feel hungry – but it’s likely to cause you more harm than good if you are eating all the time. This will cause you to force your body to use a short-term protective measure, inflammation, over the long-term. This is going to really impact on your lifestyle, and it will ironically make you chase more calorific meals, as well as taking in an excess of things like fructose and saturated fats.

From increasing your risk of heart disease to making it more likely you will contract type-2 diabetes, avoiding needless inflammation is very important. Low-grade inflammation is also seen as part of the aging process, making it easy for our bodies to go through an unhealthy aging process that will leave us with health problems we could have avoided otherwise.

Consider taking part in solutions like intermittent fasting or time-restrictive eating. This will help you to make sure you can allow your body time to recover from a state of inflammation and ensure that you can help to make a change to the way that you care for your body.

Instead of snacking all day, you should look to cut down and instead allow your body the time to recover from meal to meal. The benefits far outweigh the negativity of feeling hungry for half an hour!

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