Is Kate Middleton Looking For A Style Change? ⋆

Is Kate Middleton Looking For A Style Change?

Kate Middleton’s fashion style tends to be very polished and traditional.  In fact, she is the epitome of royal style.  However, we may be seeing a new look soon as according to the Daily Mail, the Duchess of Cambridge has employed a new stylist.

Virginia Chadwyck is an old friend of the Duke and Duchess.  They met at college and she was invited to their 2011 wedding).  The UK-based editor and consultant is going to step in for Natasha Archer, who has been the Duchess’ long term stylist, when she takes maternity leave.  But we have already seen a glimpse of the changes that Ginnie – as her friends know her – has started to bring.

A source close to the Royals told the Daily Mail that Ginnie is the Duchess’ secret fashion weapon.  The differences she has made to her wardrobe so far have given Katherine a new sense of confidence.

Fashion Icon

Ever since Katherine Middleton became part of the royal family she has been influential in the world of fashion. Like her famous sister-in-law Meghan Markle, if Katherine is spotted wearing something it is guaranteed to sell out rapidly.  The Duchess is also well known for re-wearing her clothes which makes her more relatable.

In recent weeks Katherine has been seen in much more trendy wear than the usual classic items she has been famed for in the past like this pussy bow blouse teamed with wide legged pants.

Bearing in mind that in the past she has been known to wear stilettos to play field hockey, it was surprising to see her sporting some combat boots at a recent outdoor engagement with the Scouts.

We will be keeping a sharp eye out for more fashion evolution but in the meantime, we would like to place our names on her giveaway list!