Interesting Ways To Use Witch Hazel (Winterbloom) ⋆

Interesting Ways To Use Witch Hazel (Winterbloom)

When it comes to using the herbal remedy of Witch hazel, you might think you have found them all. In a bid to help you get more out of every set of witch hazel that you use, though, we recommend that you take a look at these simple but very effective uses.

Combat Diaper Rash

With the help of witch hazel, you can find a simple herbal solution to make babies bottom annoy them no more. Simply use this a cotton ball with some witch hazel on it, and this should help to reduce the rash-like symptoms.

It will also help the skin to heal, which should go some way to reducing discomfort for the little one and making sure they can enjoy lounging around in their nappy like a baby is supposed to!

Cleaning Out Cuts

Whether you have cut yourself shaving or you got a little nick doing some work/DIY, you can use witch hazel to help out. If you apply it on the cut topically after the cut has been made, then you will find that the cut will be soothed and calmed down.

Of course, this is more for small nicks such as razor slashes when shaving. If you have sliced your finger open, you might need a bit more than some witch hazel!

Deal with stretch marks

One of the most common problems that those who gain weight or become pregnant need to deal with is stretch marks. With some witch hazel, that problem can become a thing of the past. Just apply some of this to the stretch mark areas, and over time it will begin to lighten the stretch marks whilst evening out your skin tone to adapt and adjust.

Dealing With Sunburn

Are you someone who has been sunburnt? We know your pain. Sunburn is a huge pain and will leave you feeling worse for wear for more than a few reasons. With the help of witch hazel, though, you can soon help to treat those sore sunburn marks quite easily.

You just need to put it on the place where you have been burned, and keep using it even as it begins to fade. Done long enough, this can help to recover the damage and also prevent peeling and skin flaking as the burn heals.

Kill Off Bug Bites

Been outdoors or camping and allowed the local insects to chew away at you? Get the witch hazel out. Use this, and you can begin to kill off the pain in the bite, reduce any inflammation and also help to kill off any infection that might be coming from the radiance of the bite.

You will also find that this will leave you with a much more comfortable solution than some of the less palpable options normally suggested.

So, what will you try out your new found use of witch hazel for? What option do you need help with at present? Try it out – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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