Instagram vs Reality: What These Celebs Really Look Like ⋆

Instagram vs Reality: What These Celebs Really Look Like

Scrolling through Instagram, it’s easy to look longingly at the flawless celebs you follow and be filled with jealousy! But we are here to tell you that often it’s a result of filters, photoshop, and plenty of makeup. See for yourself!


Zendaya has quickly risen to be one of the It girls of Hollywood. At only 22 she has starred in some big box office hits like Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Greatest Showman. She also happens to have one of the most flawless Instagram’s around.

Showing Her Age

However, when you look at pictures taken of her in real life without the layers of makeup, its clear to see the 22-year old for her young age.

Honestly, it’s pretty refreshing to draw the curtains back and find out she is only human too!


Ariel Winter

For those of you who are Modern Family fabs like me, we have seen Ariel Winter grow up before our eyes.

Above her acting, she has also turned into an Instagram sensation who always looks picture perfect.


Getting Real

However, she also looks like almost another person without Instagram filters and makeup artists at her hand. But Winter loves both her laid back and her glammed-up look and has spoken about acceptance. She wrote in an Instagram post,

“Every time someone tries to bully me online, it gives me a chance to re-emphasize to my fans, and even myself, how important self-acceptance is. Stop the hate. Accept all that you are and know your flaws are what make you the PERFECT you.”

Gigi Hadid

Another glam IT girl and the Instagram queen is model Gigi Hadid.

She keeps us constantly entertained with her endless photoshoots, flawless skin, and on-again, off-again relationship with Zayn Malik.


Just Like Us

It’s easy to think she just waked up flawless and is a natural goddess who never has a bad hair day.

But low and behold, Gigi without makeup and Instagram lighting looks like a pretty normal girl who’s just trying to get through her day!