Inspiring: World Cup Super Stars Donating All Their Fees ⋆

Inspiring: World Cup Super Stars Donating All Their Fees

 The news quite hit everyone that the England team is donating all their fee from the world cup to charity but this isn’t a new story. This has been happening from 10 to 15 years but they never told it to anyone.

As Garry linker says, “this is great and join in with your applause. Also worth pointing out that all England players give their match fee to charity. ”

The English national team after wining the match vs Colombia.

It’s not just the English as it is also reported that the 19-year-old Mbappe is an international team player of France who donates his £17,000 earning of each and every international game he plays for England because he believes that he shouldn’t be paid to play for his country.

The money should go to the needy. It has been reported that Mbappe is going to donate all the amount he has earned from matches to Premiers de Cordees association. This organization arranges sports for the disabled children.

Mbappe getting lots of ️ for donating his match fees to charity. It might not fit some people’s agendas, but England players have been doing that for over a decade” ?? — Jake Humphrey

Previously as well, the England players have donated their winnings. They made England Footballers’ Foundation (EFF) in 2007 led by David Beckham. The EFF is also collaborating with UNICEF, Cancer Research UK, Help for Heroes and The Honeypot Children’s Charity. In the time of 11 years it has raised over £5 Million.

FA Chief Martin says, “I get absolutely indignant about the suggestion that players when they play for England, don’t really care because it’s not anything like my experience. They don’t take a penny in match fees, they give it to charity.”

“Over 10 years of @effcharity… over £5million raised, over 300 player appearances, global awareness campaigns and fundraising events… an inspired idea by the players committee back in 2007” – England Footballers

ALso donated his earnings, David Beckham

David Beckham also donates his earning when playing in PSG. It has been reported by the Guardian that he said, “We’ve decided on something that’s quite unique. I won’t receive any salary: we’ve decided my salary will go towards a local children’s charity in Paris and that’s one of the things we’re very excited and proud to do. It’s something I’m not sure has been done before but I’m passionate about children and the charity, so we came together and it’s something special.”

Let’s see how England team plays in the world cup now. We wish them a very good luck.


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