Inspiring: The Success Story of Chloe Bingham Who Lost 80 Pounds ⋆

Inspiring: The Success Story of Chloe Bingham Who Lost 80 Pounds

All obese people feel uncomfortable when it comes to their weight. It is hard for them to resist food and at the same time they face social stigma due to their weight. They are being judged for how they look rather than being judged by the beauty in their heart.

Today we are here with a story of a 21 years old girl, Chloe Bingham from Texas. She lost 81 pounds in only 20 months. Can you believe that? Let’s see what Chloe has to say about the motivations behind her weight loss and how she feels after losing this incredible weight.

The girl didn’t date for 21 years because she thought she wasn’t good enough due to her obesity. Chloe said, “Dating did not occur for me until I had lost all the weight, because I had a lot more confidence in the way I looked”. Hence she wanted to be more confident so she started going to the gym 5 days a week and ate more healthy food.

She told that she had been obese all her life but she put on more weight in her first two college years. So she decided to lose weight in fall 2016. At that time she was 216 pounds with 5’1 height. She told her mom, “Mom, I am going to lose 100 pounds”.

Chloe also talks about how she made the enormous weight loss transformation, “I began by counting calories, restricting to 1200 calories a day. I later added some gym time to my week while attending school. At this point, I was a junior in college and was in the middle of a very busy semester. Focusing on my diet and nutrition gave me something to think about that did not have anything to do with my stressors at school, which I found to be therapeutic in a way. In about six months I had lost 40 pounds”.

At family gatherings, Chloe could see her favorite foods all laid up nicely on the tables, especially on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yet she was determined to meet her goal so she resisted all the food and kept on following her plan. Her family was also very supportive during the process.

The process wasn’t as easy as it seems. Chloe faced stress-related problems during the course of 20 months. She talks about them in the following words. “While I had hit the ground running when I first began to lose weight, rapidly dropping a good amount of weight in a few months, my weight loss slowed as I ran into stressful times in school.”

People turn to food when they feel stressed, so did Chloe. “As a senior in college, I had new problems to stress over, mostly having to do with applying to graduate school to pursue my Master of Counselling degree. Between acquiring recommendation letters to taking the GRE, I was incredibly stressed and often turned to food.”

Due to turning to food for comfort such as eating peanut butter at nights, her weight loss slowed. However, she had lost 60pounds at the beginning of 2018. Then she lost another 21 pounds by the end of her last semester of undergrad.

Now Chloe is only 20 pounds away from her goal. She is focusing more on physical fitness these days. She also talks about how confident she feels now. She is able to fit in her clothes from high schools and she can buy new clothes that fit her nicely from the shops.

We congratulate Chloe on her weight loss success and we hope she meets her goal soon.

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