Inspiring: Family Tragedy Finds Positive Ending ⋆

Inspiring: Family Tragedy Finds Positive Ending

The loss of life is never something to be celebrated, especially when lost in such a senseless manner. Accidents involving vehicles are sadly commonplace, and often play a critical role in how we perceive the act of driving. Personally? I’ll never learn to drive, partly due to the fact I simply don’t trust other drivers. Why put my life in the hands of someone who might be drunk or worse?

Losing someone that we love to a vehicle accident is a hugely damaging incident: it can all feel so sudden, so harsh. When Brent and Nicole Keryluke got their 1973 Pontiac Parisienne, it was to be the long-term inheritance for their children, Liam, 3 and Arielle, 6. Sadly, both parents died suddenly in a motorcycle crash, colliding with a truck in Innisfail, Canada, in May.

With the little ones left without anyone to care for them, the car was put out to auction with the aim being that it would raise enough cash for the kids to have a happy future. Well, as happy as you could be given the tragic circumstance.

However, in a world where we often need to confront the baseless evil of humanity, we also get to see its redeeming, angelic glow shine brighter than ever. How so? Through the work of community caring.

You see, this car – a classic – was put up for auction. It was actually purchased for a whopping $29,000 at the auction, before being immediately donated back. Then, it sold for $30,000, before being donated back again. Lastly, it went for a third time – at $20,000, before being donated back for a third time.

So, in total, they raised about $80,000 for the kids from the car.

An incredible act of kindness

The community noticed the immense tragedy that had taken place, and wanted to do well by a couple of delightful, happy young parents who had lost their lives so tragically. According to Ben, the grandfather of the children: “They let everyone know what was happening, where the money was going to go, and then we were shocked [by] what happened after that,”

Now, you might think that’s simply amazing: the loss of life being so hurtful and tragic that the community got together to help out. That isn’t all: a GoFundMe account was set up to help raise funds for the Keryluke family – it has raised over $80,000, too!
It should be noted that the two young children at the centre of this have hearing impairments, which is only going to increase their cost of living as time goes on. Despite what has happened, Ben says that he kids “get up in the morning and both of them are smiling and laughing.”

It might be a tremendous tragedy as to what has gone on, but both of the children, it appears, are in a loving community and are surrounded by people who can love and care for them equally as time goes on. A tragedy indeed, but at least there’s a modicum of joy at the end.

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