Imagine 44,000 Pounds of Nutella Flipping Over ⋆

Imagine 44,000 Pounds of Nutella Flipping Over

The truck owned by RockFort Carrier, based in Ontario, Canada.  It was approximately one mile west of the state line on I-94 when it overturned on the Indiana Highway.  The driver, Chuhar Singh, told the State Police the accident was caused by a car, that was directly in front of the truck, all of a sudden they slammed on their breaks.

Chuhar tried to veer left to avoid a collision but then lost control of the truck causing the cab and the attached trailer to overturn. The cab ended up on the shoulder of the eastbound lane but the trailer blocked three westbound lanes, which remained closed for two hours before the trailer could be moved over to the shoulder.

Luckily, Singh was not injured but the truck lost 150 gallons of diesel fuel. Also, none of the jars of Nutella were lost and all 44,000 pounds of the wonderful nutty spread were offloaded the following day.

This is the second headache fans have experienced this year after a strike at the French factory stopped all work and put production at risk. The workers at the Villes-Ecares factory, located in Normandy, went on strike in late May demanding a pay raise and an additional $1,000 bonus from Ferrero, the Italian company that makes Nutella.

A spokesperson for Ferrero told CNN that between the reserve supplies and production elsewhere, it’s expected to not end up with a global shortage. Ferrero produces well over 300,000 tons of this chocolate and hazelnut spread each year.

A History of Chocolate Incidents

This recent accident is not the first time a truck carrying Nutella has spilled on a highway.  In January, a truck carrying this liquid chocolate, stored at 120°, flipped over on I-40, just east of Flagstaff, Arizona.  Approximately 40,000 gallons of the liquid chocolate spilled onto the roadway, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

It took the cleanup crew four hours to get the roadway back open.  They had to pump the liquid out of the trailer onto the median before they could tow it away.

That truck had also left Ontario and was heading to Henderson, Nevada when a latch that connected the cab and the trailer came unattached.  Because the lost chocolate on the road was biodegradable, the company and driver were not cited, according to the authorities.

The next time  RockFort Carrier has an accident, you might want to be there, prepared with a very large ladle!!