Iceland: Police Officers Make Their Job Fun ⋆

Iceland: Police Officers Make Their Job Fun

The world, at the moment, feels like it’s on the very edge of turning into total anarchy. Belief in government and law enforcement is at all-time lows, and it feels like most people we meet tend to have some kind of grudge against the establishment. For us, that’s a very important thing to take a look at; the sheer change in mentality towards authority on a mass scale has been huge to see.

However, one police department in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, is doing all that it can to make the world of policing look a touch more light-hearted. Recently, they have been posting all manner of hilarious social media images on Instagram, and have found themselves going viral on a regular basis with people absolutely adoring the comical nature of the content that they come up with.

With over 160,000 followers now, people are checking in to see what madness is happening across the Icelandic capital.

Some of their most recent posts just remind you of those amazing, goofy social media accounts they post. They post all manner of comical images, from cups cuddling kittens to hanging around with their cop cars in the most comical manner.

They also tend to pose in random places wearing pig masks – an obvious take on the idea that ‘cops are pigs’ and the like. It’s a brilliant, light-hearted way to show everyone that not every police force is quite as bad as some make the rest look.

With the crime rate in Iceland being around 1.8% per 100,000 people involved in homicides, it’s a very safe country to live in. therefore, the police force can spend more time having fun and just engaging in the act of being part of their communities – you know, the original idea of the cops!

If you think that your own local PD could do with lightening up, maybe link them up with the Icelandic capital’ own PD; they could learn a few things from them!

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