I Sent My Child to the Hotel Kids-Club and So Should You ⋆

I Sent My Child to the Hotel Kids-Club and So Should You

My son is almost four and so far today he’s cooked pizza and performed in a dance show.  Meanwhile I took in some sunshine, sipped a cocktail and relaxed with my book by the pool.

We’re on a family vacation but as a working mom, I really needed the downtime so I was in heaven!  Nonetheless, I still wondered if I should feel guilty about sending my son off to what, in effect, was holiday daycare.

Apparently, some people do frown upon parents who choose to take advantage of the sort of kids club that is laid on as a perk when you book into a family resort.  In fact, some friends of mine thought I was probably the worst mother in the world when I said I planned to do just that.

They were appalled that I was going ‘to leave him with a stranger’ during what was, after all, a family vacation.  However, I did it, and I still don’t regret it.  If you are considering doing the same, here is why you should:

  1. Working Parents Need A Break

There is no real reason why a family must spend every minute together and that applies to vacations too.  It is especially true if you happen to be a working mom (or dad).  People think that because you work all week you should be aching to spend every second with them when you get away on vacation.

Of course, we do want to spend time with our children!  However, there is usually a few days away so it is important that moms and dads also get some time to indulge themselves, reconnect and engage in a little TLC for themselves.

At many all-inclusive resorts you have already paid for the kids club in advance so you may as well take advantage of it and, frankly, you have probably earned a little bit of you-time.

  1. The Kids Love It

Modern kids clubs are designed to be a child’s idea of heaven.  They include anything and everything for children of all ages, from ball pits for the very youngest right up to games consoles and assault courses for the older children and teens.

It is true to say that your child will probably have a lot more fun mixing with other kids in the club with lots of facilities than they would be hanging out with you by the pool or sitting next to you on a beach with a bucket and spade.

  1. The Activities Are Often Educational

Modern resorts know that as well as taking in the sand, sea and sunshine, parents expect a lot more for their money these days.  This extends to the kids club where the activities often include things that help with learning.

A lot of places now offer environmental education by teaching about conservation or looking at the local ecosystem.  They can also tailor activities to teach STEM  in fun and engaging ways.

A good example of this is in Cancun where the kids can go to a turtle farm on site and learn all about the ways conservationists are protecting the sea turtles in the area.

Instead of sitting around or watching TV your kids join in with a lot of great activities they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to take part in otherwise.

  1. We Enjoyed Family Time More

After we all had our individual time we came together and enjoyed a meal and some family time.  It was a great opportunity to catch up on everything that had happened during the day.  After a full-on day at kids club the children were more than happy to get to bed, and then spend a peaceful day hanging out with mom and dad.

So if you are a working mom (or dad) and you do have the chance to visit a resort of hotel with a kids club, don’t let anyone put you off giving it a try.  The family with have a wonderful time, and you will get that much-deserved TLC.