Husband In Shock When Wife Opens a Reveal Box ⋆

Husband In Shock When Wife Opens a Reveal Box

When we’re trying for a child, it can become quite a consuming experience. Everything becomes viewed in that prism. Don’t eat that – the doctor says it could make you infertile. Don’t wear those boxer shorts; they could be causing us problems. Don’t do this, don’t do that and definitely don’t do that!

It can become quite frustrating and time-consuming, and often has a more adverse effect on our mental health than we might first realize. So, when Joy Stone brought home a reveal photo shoot, her husband probably thought that the time had come.

Joy had been on the long-term lookout for a rescue dog, and she found a cute seven-week-old golden retriever named Rey. It was an immediate connection that was formed, especially since poor Rey was found abandoned at the side of a railroad track.

Joy then asked for photographer and friend, Caryle Allen, for some photos of her big puppy reveal. At first, though, her husband must have thought that the reveal was going to be for a baby. Luckily or him (he later said), he was more than delighted when that fluffy bag of joy came out of the box instead!

As you can imagine, the shoot of her new dog soon became a massive hit and was shared en masse across social media. It seems like Rey is settling in without any issues, too. As Joy said: “She is so sweet and has loved everyone she has met so far,

“She can get extremely playful and absolutely loves running around.”

As you might have guessed, this adorable little dog is named after the Star Wars character and has already formed a good band with Kairi, the other dog that Joy and her husband own. Its’ the perfect example of the kind of ‘aww-worthy’ shots that really make you appreciate the beauty of the world.

Stone and Allen will now be partnering up with animal shelters to run their Doggie and Me photography sessions. These will help to make sure that all donations go back to the animal shelter itself.

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