How to Sneak In a Shower When You Have a Newborn ⋆

How to Sneak In a Shower When You Have a Newborn

It’s surprising how many unexpected changes happen in your life after the birth of a baby. No first time parent ever fully understands what’s about to happen to them. Life has a way of throwing curveballs at you every step of the way throughout parenthood.

There are the little things that you never expected like the baby spitting up all over your good shirt. Every time you wear that once nice shirt you’ll have a little stain to remember that precious moment. Anyone who thinks that parenthood is like a diaper commercial where everyone is smiling and happy is in for a rude awakening.

You’re feeling pretty grubby

How long has it been since you’ve taken a shower? You stink. It’s funny; the baby doesn’t think you stink. Do you wonder how they’re able to suckle at your teet when you smell so bad? The good news is, your baby doesn’t notice it one bit.

Your nose on the other hand, well, it’s ready for a clothespin. That doesn’t sound too flattering, does it? The price of motherhood is being hairy and stinky. No one ever talks about this aspect of starting a family.

You may not be able to take a normal shower for quite a while

That’s the sad truth. You could have a million babysitters, and not a single one of them can calm your baby as you can. Right now it sounds like an awful situation. All you can think about is how bad you smell.

Just wait another sixteen years when your child is a teenager and doesn’t want to spend any time with you. That’s when you’ll think back to these smelly days with a tear in your eye. You probably don’t believe that right now, but it’s the truth. These days are golden, even if you do smell like a walking locker room.

A few tips on how to sneak in a shower

Run as fast as you can to the bathroom after your baby falls asleep. You probably have a few precious moments to take a shower. Have someone sitting near the baby in case they wake up. Your baby may not be the happiest camper that they wake up to someone else, but a few minutes won’t harm them.

You can try to have someone watch your baby for you, but who knows if that will work. Grandparents love to watch the little ones, but more often than not, the baby doesn’t want to cooperate. They want mom, and nothing is going to calm them as you can.

A good thing you can try to do is put your baby in the stroller and have someone push them outside. The hope here is that they’ll go to sleep for an extended period and you can take a good shower.

A shower that includes washing your hair and shaving. There’s just one problem; if you know the baby will sleep for, let’s say an hour outside, you’re going to want to take a nap. You’ll forget all about the need to take a shower once you realize it’s possible to take a nap. That’s a moral dilemma that every mom with a newborn faces.

Learn how to dart and dash in the shower

Do you remember those long luxurious baths? The ones you took that made you feel so relaxed. It’s going to be a long time until you have the opportunity to take one of those baths. From now on, it’s five minutes or less in the shower.

Have you ever watched those cars during a NASCAR race that get their tires changed fast? That’s how you’re going to have to be when taking a shower. You’ll wish you had arms like an octopus to get the job done.

Really, you’re going to have to be super fast. You’ll debate the entire time if you should wash your hair or not. It sounds crazy, but any mother out there can identify with these words.

It won’t be this way forever

Right now your baby is clinging to you. They need you for food and comfort to help them sleep. Everything is okay with your baby, and this is something that you should expect. It will get better over time.

How long will it take? Well, it’s not going to be overnight. We’re talking maybe past a year or more. No one is saying that you have to wait an entire year to take a shower. There should be periods where you can sneak in a quick shower. But, if you’re baby is just a few months old, then you’re not out of the woods by a long shot.

The joy of motherhood is that you smell like you just worked out and you haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep for who knows how long. Somehow, this is the best time of your life, and it’ll take a few years for that to sink in.