How to Find All 7 of Google’s Secret ‘Friends’ TV Surprises ⋆

How to Find All 7 of Google’s Secret ‘Friends’ TV Surprises

If you don’t already know, this year the sitcom Friends celebrates 25 years since it first aired on NBC on September 22, 1994.

To celebrate, Google created a special surprise for all those Friends fans out there, much like the magical pair of ruby red slippers they embedded into their search engine to celebrate the 80th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz.

All you have to do to find the surprises is type in each characters’ name separately and click the emoji that pops up on the righthand side underneath their names.

You’ll find an additional one when you type in any favorite quote or term that was coined by the show, such as “We were on a break!”

  1. Type in ‘Rachel Green’

Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, is one of the most classic 90s TV characters out there, and what she’s perhaps most famous for is her quintessential haircut, referred to as “The Rachel.”

Under her name, you’ll find an emoji wearing the exact hairdo, and if you click on it, you’ll be directed to a search page showing all of Rachel’s hairstyles throughout the ten seasons of the show.

  1. Type in ‘Ross Geller’

For Ross Geller, Google chose to premiere a moment from the Season 5 episode, “The One with The Cop.” When you click on the couch under his name, you’ll hear Ross screaming directions as the screen tilts from one direction to the next, almost as if you’re right there in his New York apartment!

  1. Type in ‘Joey Tribbiani’

Everyone knows that what Joey is most known for his massive appetite and the fact that he ate anything and everything.

It’s appropriate that the emoji he received was a slice of pizza which, when clicked, causes other favorite foods of his to pop up on the screen followed by Joey yelling, “Joey doesn’t share food!”

  1. Type in ‘Monica Geller’

Monica Geller was our favorite former fat kid turned chef and neat freak. When you type her name into a Google search and click the bucket of soap found under her name, you’ll find your screen being cleaned with a sudsy sponge.

  1. Type in ‘Phoebe Buffay’

Phoebe Buffary was eccentric and loveable, a huge favorite from the show. With all the moments to pick from, we’re sure it was hard for Google to choose just one, but we’re certainly happy with the moment they went with – her hit, “Smelly Cat.”

Click on the guitar that appears underneath her name, and you’ll hear Phoebe singing the song from Season 2, episode “The One with the Baby on the Bus” as a stinky cat paces the screen.

  1. Type in ‘Chandler Bing’

It may be that only the most devoted Friends fans will be able to recall what pops up on Chandler’s bio.

Yes, the recliner emoji makes perfect sense, but what comes when you click it is two lesser-known characters – Yasmine and Dick walking about the screen, the chick and duck that Chandler and Joey adopted in Season 3, episode “The One with the Chick and the Duck.”

  1. Type in ‘Friends Glossary’

Finally, the grand finale is when you type in any of the famous quotes from the show or simply “Friends Glossary” to find a dictionary definition of all the famous words and phrases from the show.

If you want to see more, just keep clicking “Another Word” until you grow tired.