How To Build A Bean Trellis For Your Garden ⋆

How To Build A Bean Trellis For Your Garden

A bean trellis can be a lovely addition to your garden.  Bean plants love to climb and cover just about anything in their path but if unkempt they can become somewhat messy looking.

Instead of building your standard trellis, build one that is arched to give the plant a well laid out path to follow. Not only will your bean trellis be neater but will be quite lovely to look at.  Once the plants become really dense, it will add an almost fairy-like aura to your garden.

Here are the supplies you will have to get to build your bean trellis:

A Wire Cutter

A Post Driver

4 heavy-duty T posts

A 16-foot piece of cattle panel

Zip Ties

How to Build the Trellis

Start With Your T-Posts:

First, decide where you want your arch to be in your garden.  Using your post driver, drive the first T-post in place.  Measure 5-inches out from that post and drive in your second post.

Measure back 36-inches from each one of these two posts and drive a post at each location.

Now Attach Your Cattle Panel:

You must place each end of the cattle panel on the ground just inside the two t-posts that are 36-inches apart from each other and then secure the panel to the posts using 4 zip ties.

Now you have to arch the panel over to place the other end of the panel along the other 2 t-posts.  Secure this end the same way.

Lastly, Start Your Bean Plant:

Bean plants are vining plants so you need to plant it at one or both ends of the arch and let them grow.  If the vine does not seem to naturally weave through the panel, you can gently wrap the ends of the vine around a few of the rings.

You may also want to add a decorative orb so you can train the vine to travel down and around it by weaving stray vine ends or you can use wire or twine to attach the vines to the base of the orb.

Also, there are so many wonderful vining plants to choose from including perennials, climbing roses, wisteria, moon flowers, and gourds, to name a few.