Cruel Neighbor Gets Lesson After Bullying Tactic Fails

It’s commonplace to come across weird arguments and debates between neighbours. It happens all the time, and can leave people in a rather perilous situation. However, when it happens to someone of a more elderly age, it becomes more a case of personality clash and a little more about someone trying to intimidate a senior citizen.

If you have ever had bad neighbours, then you will know how quickly the situation can elevate into something quite serious. For one Osceola, Florida neighbours, though, things got so out of hand that it took an act of genius to solve the problem once and for all.

The Rivalry Begins

Oliver Lynch, 79, had lived in the same neighborhood for over two decades, and never took crap from anyone. Speaking to WFTV, he put it clear as day: “I just hate to be bullied.”

When a new neighbour arrived in the neighbourhood and seemed to want to build a new house on an empty plot of land. Sadly, they quickly got off on the wrong footing and before long a little rivalry was beginning to form between the duo.

Oliver came home one day and found that a pack of cinder blocks had been lined up his driveway. His new neighbour claimed that this “belonged to him” and very quickly it turned into a bit of an argument. He’d event cemented them into the ground, and Oliver didn’t have the capacity to get rid of them himself.

“What’s he going to do with these extra few yards of concrete?” Oliver asked.

Thankfully, Oliver found some kind of proof that the land was his, not his new neighbours. Property deeds showed that he was entitled to having two adjacent, 12ft driveways – so this was totally infringing on his property rights. Sadly, despite County records showing him to be in the right, it wasn’t enough to change what had happened – so he had two choices; take him to court, or hire a surveyor.

Trying to reason with the man without any success, Oliver decided that he would need to get a little craftier in a bid to win this one. Despite being a “god-fearing man” and a minister, it would appear that his new neighbour wasn’t being very courteous to others!

The Power of Reason Wins

Going to the County again and even the local media in a bid to try and raise awareness of the problem nothing was proving to be a solution to this guy’s immense attitude problem. Despite a rather serious reputational assault on the guy as other neighbours let him know what they thought of his deeds, nothing was changing the situation.

Thankfully, Oliver kept using the power of reason and eventually managed to show him – with plenty of proof and testimony – that Oliver was in the right, and this fella was in the wrong. Eventually, he agreed to get rid of the cinder blocks. Claiming it was “a misunderstanding,” Oliver was able to finally get what he wanted: his land back.

Apparently, such is Oliver’ personality, they even get on quite amicably now. It’s nice to see a neighbourhood spat that ends on a positive note, for once!

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