Home Depot Workers Build PVC Walker for Toddler ⋆

Home Depot Workers Build PVC Walker for Toddler

If you met Logan Moore, you’d be quickly entranced by his adorable smile and love of play, but you’d also be heartbroken to discover his unique physical disability – Hypotonia, or “floppy baby syndrome.”

This means Logan has difficulty walking and sitting up, muscle weakness, and a ragdoll stance when being held. Though this condition can be diagnosed and treated from day one, in order to properly treat it, the doctors must know its direct cause.

Unfortunately for Logan and his parents, the doctors had yet to discover the cause of his Hypotonia.

When Physical Therapy is not Enough

Logan has always been affected by this condition, and physical therapy could only do so much.

Logan’s therapist advised his parents, Christian and Justin Moore, to get him a supportive walker, but the catch was that it cost $600 – money these loving parents just didn’t have lying around. They went to the insurance company with high hopes to only be disappointed when the company wouldn’t give them answers.

But Christian and Justin were determined to do whatever they could to help their son enjoy his life like any little boy should, so they turned to the internet to discover how to make a walker on their own.

Once they did their research and found a solution, the couple made a list of exactly what they would need and headed to Home Depot in Cedartown, Georgia in search of it all. However, they left with much more than they hoped for!

The two started by showing their list of items to the service desk; they wanted to be sure that they didn’t miss anyone of the items necessary to construct Logan’s walker, but they had no idea that the service desk manager, Cathy Ennsley, had a special needs kid of her own.

Knowing exactly what they were going through, Ennsley called up several employees to help them in their search, one of them being the store manager, Joe Ritchie. A good employee would have patiently helped them find every item on their list, but the employees at this Home Depot were much more than just “good.”

The helpful employees steer the Moores away, telling them to grab an ice cream while they collected the necessary materials, but after an hour passed and the small family returned, they found the walker fully constructed, sturdy, solid, and even personalized with orange tape and Logan’s name!

What’s more, they would not allow the Moores to pay one cent for the materials or the labor.

The smile on little Logan’s face was priceless, and Christian said, “I couldn’t believe they were willing to do that. It took everything I had not to cry because it hasn’t been an easy road for my son.”

These Home Depot employees are truly heart-warming and inspiring – you never know the impact you can have, no matter where you work if you choose to do acts of kindness like this one!